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  • Prayers for all Seasons. One sentence prayer suggestions for all the Seasons of the Church year.
  • Should reformed Christians follow the the Christian Calendar?
  • A short catechism for young children (5 - 10yrs) Catechism. Sunday School source of learning.
  • Building the Church. Both wise men and fools will be building.
  • For heaven’s sake! Why are you Presbyterian? This question and even more important ones about assurance of salvation, about Christ and about your eternal destination, are addressed here.
  • The Bible - most amazing book of all! This article contains many interesting facts about the Bible and a short summary of the history of the King James Version. This article makes for amazing, astounding reading!
  • Learning and doing: the same fruit of the work of the Holy Spirit in us!
  • The answer is neither legalism nor liberalism but the answer is the true, radical gospel of grace!
  • Original sin drives us to Christ and makes us keen to spread the gospel of grace!
  • A booklet with six fundamental tips on personal devotions, called Quiet Times!
  • 'n Klein boekie met ses fundamentele wenke oor ons persoonlike Stiltetyd met God!
  • Palm Sunday , thoughts about and hymns for this universal celebration.
  • Palm Sunday (2) , a peace march the Name of the LORD.
  • Fourteen Stations of the Resurrection. A devotional booklet with prayers, following 14 events after Jesus rose from the dead.
  • Veertien Gebeure na die Opstanding. 'n Aanbiddingsboekie, wat 14 gebeure na die opstanding van Jesus uit die dood oordink en daaroor bid.
  • Ash Wednesday - a Biblical perspective!
  • The cross of Jesus Christ for decoration, or salvation?
  • The Via Dolorosa, a prayerful, spiritual pilgrimage of the Stations of the cross!
  • Die Via Dolorosa, 'n biddende, geestelike pelgrimstog van veertien plekke op die kruisweg!
  • Good Friday , do something different.
  • Tenebrae , why dwell on the anguish of Christ?
  • Tenebrae , liturgy (order) for the Tenebrae Service on the evening before Good Friday.
  • Gethsemane - the terror that changed our destiny and demands our action.
  • Many things could have happened: "BUT GOD!" ... by Joy Salvage
  • Worship is more than singing!
  • What is Evangelism?
  • Reclaim the Holy Trinity. Speaking about God in biblical language and idom.
  • The church of Christ and the generation of excellence ... and some of the most frequently asked questions to the church by yuppies, answered.
  • Universal Prayer Priorities for 2014.
  • Why should I know who Jesus is? Everyone ought to know Jesus.
  • A matter of life and death: Perseverance!
  • Imputed Righteousness What does it mean?
  • Miracles! Why call it a miracle when it seems so natural?
  • Is the Holy Spirit a stranger to you? An article about what Presbyterians – and many other Bible believing Christians - believe about the Holy Spirit!
  • Patrick A humble man of fervent faith and prayer.
  • Season of Advent! Ideas, prayers and readings for the Season of Advent - the four Sundays before Christmas
  • Celebrating Christmas The Rev Theo Groeneveld ponders the wonder of Christmas.
  • Southern African Christmas Carols! Three new lyrics for songs celebrating a warm, sunny Christmas, under the Southern Cross.
  • A good woman: Tribute to a Christian mother, by Joy Salvage.
  • Priesthood of all the believers
  • Celebrating John Calvin's legacy: a synopsis of his theology and lyrics for songs to celebrate and learn about it!
  • Onthou die nalatenskap van Johannes Calvyn: 'n opsomming van sy teologie en lirieke van 5 liedere wat dit oordra!
  • 10th Anniversary: Short History of Centurion West Presbyterian Church 10 Years of grace and growth.
  • Tenth anniversary of our union. The history of the Uniting Presbyterian Church in Southern Africa (UPCSA).

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